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The idea for this blog began as with most others, a vehicle for expression in areas of personal interest. However, it has evolved to include a repository of information and resources that others may find helpful or of interest. More specifics can be found in the individual descriptions that follow. I’ve provided the traditional means for commenting, as well as contributing to the repository.

Maine Watch

This is broken into three sections. The first section has Governor LePage’s first term accomplishments. My intent is to document over time with respect to accuracy and completeness. It may seem the first term is history, but understanding whether the Governor’s “resume” is accurate can have an impact on future credibility.

Second is the biennial budget for 2016-2017.  Third is a scorecard for Governor LePage’s second term, using his 2015 Inaugural Address as a starting point. Future additions will include elements from his budget when approved. It will be a work in progress throughout the Governor’s second term.

I welcome your input.

Starting Points

In a world of sound bites, generalities, slanted information, and emotionally-charged issues it is often difficult to initiate or participate in a discussion effectively. Provided are documents and references intended to provide a common starting point. It will also include references to material which present my position. Opposing material will be considered for inclusion based on supporting data and civility.

Web Sites

Maine focused and National websites which I’ve found of interest.

Recommended Essays

Essays which I’ve found of interest.

Recommended Reads

Books which I’ve found of interest.

About the Author

I was born in 1951 and raised on the south side of Chicago. The neighborhood was comprised primarily of blue-collar Poles, Irish, and Italians. Many families had arrived from Europe in the first half of the century. At 25 married and lived the next 35 years a typical suburban life in several western suburbs of the city. Following nearly 40 years of vacationing in Maine, my wife Wendy and I relocated in 2011. Best decision of our lives.

Formal education consists of an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education from Elmhurst College in Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago. I enjoy reading all genres and believe strongly in life-long learning. In 2008 I completed the University of Chicago’s Basic program – a four year curriculum of readings and conversations focused on the fundamental importance of critical thinking and civil discourse.

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