Welfare State or Indebted Man

DebtFrench philosopher Michel Foucoult argued that in today’s society, people’s actions as a political and civil collective and as individuals are guided from birth to death in the same way a shepherd cares for his flock. From this it could be said that in countries where authoritarian rule is the dominant force, people have no choice and move in the pointed direction. On the other hand, within democratic societies political parties vie to “shepherd the flock” by appealing to their emotional needs and financial concerns.welfare state or indebted man

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Political Parties — Things Don’t Change, We Change

With the November elections over, the cycle continues. For the foreseeable future in Maine and nationally the Republicans will be in the majority. They’ll wear out their welcome and the Democrats will return. The Democrats will lose favor and the Republicans will get another shot. It will go on and on — to think otherwise is naive.

Under the guises of conservative and liberal ideologies, it is money and power that drives the political process. Voters are merely pawns played against each other on a chess board that stretches from California to Maine. Sound bites — welfare, deficit, immigration, and healthcare. School ground name calling — it’s the liberals, it’s the teabaggers. All used to inflame collective passions of party members. » Read more