Welfare State or Indebted Man

DebtFrench philosopher Michel Foucoult argued that in today’s society, people’s actions as a political and civil collective and as individuals are guided from birth to death in the same way a shepherd cares for his flock. From this it could be said that in countries where authoritarian rule is the dominant force, people have no choice and move in the pointed direction. On the other hand, within democratic societies political parties vie to “shepherd the flock” by appealing to their emotional needs and financial concerns.welfare state or indebted man

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Eric Cantor: One Door Closes, Another Opens

Many people believe we live in a pro-market society where the agenda aims at encouraging the best business conditions for everyone. The reality is we live in a pro-business society where the agenda aims at maximizing the profits of existing firms. This occurs through public policy and legislation written to favor certain firms within each industry in return for political contributions, i.e. cronyism. This is a problem that crosses party lines, and should increase in intensity with the Republican’s recent election success.

And for Eric Cantor, it should be a very busy time. Many wondered why an investment banking firm would hire him with supposedly limited industry experience. Not to worry, he has something of greater value – connections within Congress. He can navigate more efficiently introductions to those legislators who would be supportive of his firm’s client’s interests, than someone waving a checkbook. Needless to say political contributions will occur at some point. Doing so while working for a small firm helps to minimize his appearance on the Feds investigative radar. » Read more